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Restaurant marketing

Restaurant marketing is complicated. There is no reason to pay outlandish costs for your restaurant marketing. We can’t impress upon you enough, how important it is that collecting data will help your business grow.

We will help you to track your customers…
We will help you find the best ways to do restaurant marketing to allow your customers to think of you first when weighing their social options.

what do your retention gurus do?

You work hard to make your customers happy. We work hard to bring them back, again and again. Your Retention Gurus, Comprehensive Retail Marketing, formerly The WiFi Company, was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur John Bailey who brings decades of experience in client retention in the service industry. In the early 2000’s our company began supporting our clients with Managed WiFi Services. We quickly grew to add data collection services and then a much more comprehensive marketing platform.

Your Retention Gurus Have Dedicated Client Support Teams to Market Your Business

We do this by providing you with a state of the art dashboard that either you can fully manage or we can manage it or you. Our friendly support team is available to help you with Social WiFiReputation ManagementIn-House RadioReservations & WaitlistDigital SignageWebsite Design & SEO ServicesDigital AdvertisingSocial Media ManagementPOS Systems, and additional Outbound Marketing. We invite you to join our conversations on Facebook and Instagram. Let us help you with our comprehensive retail marketing plan.

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